And now for something a little different...

Remember playing old school rpg games on graph paper?

Now you can watch those sketches come to life!

Top-down dungeon exploration, focusing on gameplay. Encounter orcs, goblins, ogres, and more as you fight your way deeper and deeper into the dungeon depths.

  1. Fight through 15 handcrafted levels of old school dungeon mayhem

  2. Real-time physics engine

  3. Unique Hand-drawn Sketch Animations

  4. Control your hero with the Accelerometer

  5. Tap to shoot where you want

  6. Strafing - Move one way, shoot another

  7. Utilize powerups - exploding arrows, banking shots, and more

  8. Zoom in and out while playing

  9. Particle explosions

  10. On-line high score leaderboard

  11. Fast OpenGL ES Rendering enables fluid animation and great gameplay

Download SketchDungeon Demo (Only available for the mac)
Gameplay Video On Youtube
Click For More Screenshots