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New Unreal Prototype

Written on 9/13/2015.
Can't believe it has been a year since I posted!
I have really been focusing on Unreal Engine 4 for several projects targeting both iOS and Windows/Mac.
It is quite an amazing piece of technology.
I just finished submitting a game to the Unreal September Game Jam:
Windows Download (1.6 GB): Download Dark Soles Prototype (1.6 GB)
Mac download: (coming soon)

A Tale of Two Shield Demos

Written on 9/7/2014.
So I bought myself a shiny new Shield Tablet with the K1 chip. So far I am pretty impressed!

I also own the origin shield, now called the Shield Portable.
Compared to it, the new tablet has a much bigger screen, which is great for my old eyes.
And of course the new one is faster. Much faster....
So I have decided to make a game for it :-)

The problem is I like both Zombie games and Dungeon games, but being a one-man team means there can be only one (like in Highlander) ;-)
So I am posting two rough concept demos on the Shield forums for people to try. Feel free to download and try on your device...
Any feedback on the forum post is much appreciated - especially which game you would rather play...

Both games are very,very rough concepts...basically just control demos

The first is a zombie fps (Shield Tablet only - controller required - has rendering bug on Shield Portable):
left stick move, right stick look, right trigger shoot, left bumper zoom

The second is a third-person Dungeon Crawler (Shield Tablet and Shield Portable - controller required) Tap "Start" on the screen to start Download Zombie Demo APK (184MB)

Download Dungeonator Demo APK (48MB)

Link to Shield Forum Post

Word Dictionary

Written on 6/3/2014.
I needed a word dictionary for a Unity game I was working on.
Amazingly, there is a wordlist built in to the mac!
just run: cat /usr/share/dict/words > my_words.txt
to create a 1-column csv file of words.

To create a sqlite db:
sqlite3 word.db

and create and import into a table:
sqlite> CREATE TABLE Words(Word text);
sqlite> .import my_words.txt words

sqlite> select count() from Words;

New Site

Written on 5/30/2014.
So I finally took the time to create a new website. This one is a simple rails site using Foundation....

Unreal Engine

Written on 5/30/2014.
So I finally decided to try out Unreal. Pretty impressed so far, although it is kinda sluggish on my rMBP.
I may need to bootcamp to windows ... or wait until I am back at my pc :-)


Written in Unity.

This is yet another apocalyptic zombie survival fps....focused on killing zombies ;-)

Features include ik reactive zombies, multiple weapons, deferred rendering...

Download Windows Demo

Download Mac Demo